Not much is known about VIRTUALDOTSHELF. Not in an enigmatic way, but in the way that there is not much to BE known.

He? She? They? Are a small town artist and conman from [#LOCATIONTOWN] in [#LOCATIONCITY]{ULOCATION}, living with their parents and one brother. They are between the ages of 16 and 27.

VIRTUALDOTSHELF harbours many disgusting opinions and views, is generally dislikeable, and sells cigarettes to minors instead of getting a real job. They are the creator of the notorious "Jerma is making NFTs; sorry if this is how you found out" tweet. They also post immoral and degenerate drawings on TWITTER and TUMBLR. We contacted VIRTUALDOTSHELF for an interview, they only sent a series of images in response.

They have been compiled here for JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY;