WORLD OF MEAT is a FAILED COMIC SERIES set to be released in 1987 by ameteur comic artist Stephen Tierney.

Stephen was known for his work ethic.

Although as a child he was so shy that he would hyperventilate before Hebrew school, Tierney was known for his energetic and exuberant personality, which was meant to motivate employees and partners, shouting so much that he needed surgery on his vocal cords. Tierney's excited stage appearances at Tierney's Butchers events are widely circulated on the Internet as viral videos. One of his earliest known viral videos was a parody video, produced for Tierney's Butchers employees in 1986, promoting Windows 1.0 in the style of a "Nasty Nichollz" commercial. Tierney and his friend Michael "Mick" Hamlin repeated this in a spoof promotion of Windows XP later on. A widely circulated video was his entrance on stage at Tierney's Butchers's 25th anniversary event in September 2000, where Tierney jumped across the stage and shouted "I love this company!" Another well-known viral video was one captured at a Windows 2000 developers' conference, featuring a perspiring Tierney chanting the word "developers".

It is important to note that Tierney was never employed at Microsoft or hired to work on any Windows product at any point.